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Gardening SUCKS!! - Alaska_Freedom - 08-07-2013

I have thrown my hands in the air in disgust!  Beautiful huge tomatoes that we have waited and waited to pick.  We picked them this morning.

Holes on top with mold or webbing!!!!!!  They were fine two days ago! 

Cucumbers look alien!  Curled or straight with the bottom 1/3 shrunken, as if a balloon that didn't get all the way blown up

Chili peppers that looks like they did when I planted them with a couple of peppers on there.  Heck something is eating the leaves on these plants!!!!  What the heck eats HOT HOT peppers!?!?!?  Bell pepper about 3/4 of the correct side with lots of little peppers showing up but who knows what will KILL them.

Cantaloupe is growing at a snails pace.  No fruit.

Watermelon is growing better but still very slow.  3 fruit.

Pole beans are croaking.

Bush beans still small and give me a couple every few days.  In another week I might have enough for everyone to have a small serving!!

I have had TWO zucchini.  TWO!!  Who has two zucchini?  These things should be giving me tons at this point.  I should be giving them away!  I do have one more growing, slowly.  NOTHING else.  Yes, they are flowering.

Yellow squash - finally can see two little fruit.  Tons of male flowers. 

The only thing that has done well is the Cherry tomatoes but now I am seeing pin holes showing up on a lot of the fruit.


RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - stillnothere - 08-07-2013

Have you tested your soil? Maybe it needs lime or something?

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Alaska_Freedom - 08-07-2013

No, I didn't think I needed to this year as it was all new soil last year.  Most of it was Miracle Gro garden soil and peat moss.  Last year, it was a wonderful thing before I killed half of it with one of those brain glitches!!  No bugs except the dreaded earwigs.  This year is like a different world out there.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Gomez - 08-07-2013

Shelter some stuff from the rain and direct sun. Maybe it will work. With others in my area, they are experiencing the same thing. We're talkin old ladies here that have been doing this for 40+ years. I'm beginning to think this is biblical.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Alaska_Freedom - 08-07-2013

I am with you Gomez.  I will try again next year but wondering about putting something over the garden area.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Libellula - 08-07-2013

I feel so sad for you WA.
Some of the descriptions you give are contradictory, too much water (mold), or too little,(swollen cucumbers), so hard to say.

I am sure you will be able to slice and dice out the bad bits and make some great soups or pickles.

Shading is a great idea, considering the ferocity of the sun at the moment. Netting would be good.  My zucchini, will not stop producing large marrow type fruits, no matter how quick I notice them and take them off.  I maybe put too much llama poop on this plot.

Loosen the soil around the canteloup, add a mulch and water more.

Take the peppers off the plants and let the plant regrow. Take care not to knock the little flowers off when you water.  That goes for the zucchini too.

None of my pole beans are producing yet.  If the plants are going yellow that could be either too much water or too little?

There will be an answer to your variety of problems, don't give up, it is all a learning process.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Harvesttime - 08-07-2013

WA, your garden looked great. Sorry you are upset about it. Just keep it going. Pick the fruits on them and keep going. Its funny you mentioned miracle grow. My sis's garden(mini) she refused to put anything on it, its doing great in desert dirt. My hubby has tomatos growing in another area and he used miracle grow and the tomatos are not doing well. Not saying the miracle grow really has to do anything with it but got me wondering. Also as alf mentioned, these types of reports are all over the place about gardens not doing well. Even the big farmers are having issues. I have wondered if it could have something to do with the screwed up weather. The plants are not sure what season it is. lol   
Also, there are those reports of solar particles etc. maybe the uv/radiation etc is to much. The sun helps give life but can take it away also. Just not sure what is going on. But dont give up and be sure and take off the bad fruits etc.I wanted to also let you know my sis has gardens for years and she said this last couple years is oddly the worst. Something is going on she said. Our leaves are great/beautiful but the fruits just are not doing as good as they should.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Alaska_Freedom - 08-07-2013

Y'all are sweet.  Yes, this morning I almost cried, it was so upsetting.  Had to register my daughter for school which took over 3 hours, which was time enough to calm down a little.  Still upsets me to see what is happening.  Making my own soil (with the help of peat moss) for next year.  Maybe that will help!

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Libellula - 08-07-2013

Making compost might be a good idea.  Avoid Miracle grow, they make round up don't they? Prosecuted for deadly bird feed anyway.  Must be nasty chemicals in there.
Check your soil's acidity and adjust accordingly, work in plenty of veg matter over the winter if you have the energy! I know you are very busy.

You do not actually need to do much digging. After your veg are finished, clear the patch of dead stalks etc. cover with a thick layer of compost,collect  dead leaves put them on top and cover this with cardboard, water well. There must be sufficient covering to keep out all the light from the soil to stop weeds growing.  You can top off with black plastic if you like. Leave until spring. When you uncover it, it should have broken down well, and if the worms are present and have been working hard you should only need to lightly fork over before you start planting again.

Had all the old gardeners in our village asking questions the first year we did this. The garden looked a mess, black plastic everywhere held down with tires, now we use old carpets picked up at the dump, colourful!! In spring they were all double digging, we just raked over and planted.

Look up, Permaculture and No Dig method, it is really easy.

This is how to make a no dig bed from scratch, but you could also cover your resent beds like this ending with catdboard.

Anyway, your garden is not finished yet, you will be amazed if you take off any veg and seeds how some plants will come back to life, try it with your zucchini.

RE: Gardening SUCKS!! - Alaska_Freedom - 08-07-2013

Thank you Lib.  Plucked the hot pepper that was on there.  Picked the zucchini.  Cut off the bad cucumbers.  Checked tomatoes and tossed all with holes in them. 

Now, we will wait and see what happens.  I will pick up a soil tester the next time I am out and see what is missing.