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Who can you really trust with your preps?


My middle son brought this to my attention today. Just out of the blue. At first i didn't really know how to answer his question..............."What would you do , if one of the family members we bring in during a SHTF scenario starts constantly arguing and telling you what to do every second, and yells so loud the whole neighborhood can hear him, and this person sneaks food or takes from the younger ones ???????"

Well I gotta tell you. That's where I draw the line. Family is togetherness and structure. Each member must give their all to hold the entire family unit in tact. No one is better then the other and ALL will have to make due with less. One person HAS to be in charge to make it run smoothly or chaos occurs. If a member like Uncle Joe or cousin Mable can not abide by the rules and become a part of the unit then they must leave for the survival of the rest.

Now this is where I thought it would be something well worth posting..........How NOT to even let it get to this point of endangering your immediate family.

Know your other family members well before offering to commit.

How do they act normally under stress?
Do they have depressive or mental dis-orders like bi-polar?
Are they normally argumentative?
Are they selfish and stingy to begin with?
Do they pig out when they eat?
Are they financially better off then you and have different expectations of what they deserve?
Do they have issues getting along with your kids or spouse now?
Are they obnoxious on a regular basis?

Sounds like some you know? Then think long and hard if this person should even be considered
to become part of your unit. Think of what can and most likely will go wrong.
Obligation should not out rank common sense and security........EVER !!!!!

From here on in we will revamp how we will do all this and have a family meeting to ask a lot
of questions even to the little ones. We need to iron out all the pros and cons NOW not when its
too late.

For those that have little ones, don't be afraid to ask them if they ever feel uncomfortable
with any of the people on your list. You know where this is going........a mandatory question
in my book.
Good post -

Right now I prep for my fiance and I, my 2 adult kids and my daughter's fiance. It is a little easier for us because we are all adults, the kids live independently but I prep for them too anyhow. (You never know!) My daughter and her fiance are military and quiet and private, they are aware that I prep and do small things to prepare as well ( though I am urging them to do more) My son considers preparedness to be a normal lifestyle but is not in the financial position (good old economy!) to prep so he fully intends to safeguard mom's stash ...he's not telling anyone! lol

I feel a need to know someone very well after a while before I am about to show what is in my hand. I have a close friend in town with 2 adult kids who is as prepped as we, if not more. She is the only one at the moment who really knows much but I have almost 2 decades of history with her and would take her and the kids in without batting a lash. My fiance and I are outgoing at work, when out and about but private about our home life, so we rarely have any traffic through here beyond by kids and my friends, her kids.

But : My mother is 30 kms away. I encourage her regularly to prep via earthquake kits storing water and food etc. There have been a few debates with her along the way too. Sometimes she is receptive, sometimes not. I have told her very little about the extent of my preparedness sadly because she cannot be trusted.(too much history for a web posting anyhow) I will take her in, but other then sharing information with her on how to do a go bag, how much to store, essential skills that she needs to know etc, I do not tell her what I actually have or do for preparedness because she is not respectful of it and likely exploit it somehow. She has a sense of entitlement that I have never understood, so privacy in this area is preferred. I find it unlikely that she will change at her age so I do what I need to for my family and hope for the best. If there is a shtf moment, I will absolutely take her in - but she will be watched closely and have to abide by household rules or whatever the situation calls for.
You cant trust anyone with your preps who isnt family, and then it would be up for census for whoever would be affected.

I have set up my preps in caches, so they are not all in one place.

My "area" is about a mile square, and I figure all I have to do is lay low, have a few caches set up for trade or barter, or to give up if I'm in trouble.

Food and ammo and weapons, never all in the same place at the same time. Its just to risky.

You know, whoever you do tell they might get put into a situation that is unforeseen now and who knows what might happen, but why risk it.
good topic. well I can speak from expierance.When I was up in the ochocos me my daughter and my brother was complete caos. Flipping out over everything chased me with a buck knife all over Tabaco he ran out of chew That I paid for then wanted my smokes. could not believe he was threatning me with a buck knife.That all came to and end when I shoved my 300 mag in his face loaded and not on safe. Then kicked him out of that was my brother what about a stranger its going to be crazy. I have alot of stories about that trip.
Some of my family prep. Some don't but they all live far away. Even my daughter is about 6 hours away and she would have to go through Boston to get up here. She doesn't have a car anyway. I love her to pieces but she would be a detriment to a group. Long story. Our neighbors don't know we prep. I don't trust them. So it's just the two of us and no other places to stash stuff. They do know we have guns and other weapons so hopefully they'd think twice before trying anything.
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