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Starting Seeds for Spring Gardens
Just the opposite indoors here, with thick stone walls and small windows, and none at the back, this house was built to conserve cool in summer and to keep out the wind from the north in winter, so not much light. We out in a roof window when we renovated but if I put my seeds near this they get leggy very quickly. So this year I have been encouraged by a friend who grows orchids to have a grow tent. I could not afford a professional one so I have lined an old plastic, metal framed 'wardrobe' with Mylar fabric. I got a cheap red/blue LED grow light from China, so we'll see how starting seeds in there goes.
I have a cold frame outside in the sunniest spot and this works well for hardening off little plants, this needs repairing if only the rain would stop. Dampening off could be a real problem this year, so to choosing when to plant out. Usually during April I am carting seed trays in and out of the house to a table outside and covering them or bringing them in at night....a big job! I will try and get some photos today of progress. My tenant is coming over to strim the weeds off the inside of the proposed greenhouse, it is sunny at the moment. At least I can order the plastic roofing if it rains!
I have noticed plants I brought in for the winter have been doing really well in the kitchen under a strip of LED lights, they must give them the right spectrum. Also had one over a small vivarium with orchids in it in the bathroom! The only consistently warm house in our house!! May be worth putting a light over your plants even though they will be beside the windows @Whiteangel it may stop the seedlings leaning towards the light, if not you will have to keep turning them.
(02-10-2014, 02:58 AM)Ladyfox Wrote: What a lovely room!

Stock photo, not mine.  I would love that room also!!
If I put lights up for the plants, this would have to be moved downstairs, as there wouldn't been room upstairs.  Basement is much colder, great for storage but not for seedlings.  Unless I can come up with a cheap grow light that is small and I can figure out a way to mount over the plants I put in front of the back door. 

Here is a list of all the plants I am hoping to plant this year in the planter, raised bed, containers and bottles.  # of plants to the left of name, when I have a clue how many I will plant.  Once of my biggest gripes of seed companies - not making small packets for those who don't have large gardens.  Then if you do find smaller packets they usually cost more...HELLO??

6) Green chili - mild
4) Jalapenos
4) Cayenne peppers
4) Bell peppers
4) Sweet peppers - not sure kind
1) Cherry tomato
4) Roma tomato
2) Big tomato - type unk
2) Smaller tomato - type unk
2) Zucchini
4) Tatume Squash (maybe 6)
4) Watermelon
4) Canteloupe
10) Peas - regular - pole
10) Peas - edible pod - pole
10) Green Beans - pole
??) Carrots
??) Onions
??) Garlic
??) Lettuce 4 plants every 2 weeks - bottles

10) Spinach - bottles
10) Broccoli
10) Cauliflower

??) Beets
??) Radish
??) Turnip
??) Parsnip


Lemon Grass
Lemon Balm
Bee Balm
Rabbit Tobacco

Evening Primrose

Might add more!!  Depends on the energy levels I do or won't have, lol.
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