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Gardening Sucks!
We got a couple of those too. We have one that is exposed to direct rain and it produce a weird bulbous shape and they turned yellow/green. I post you up a pic tonite.
Thanks Gomez.  I think we should all be posting what is going WRONG with their gardens so everyone can see they are not alone.  Also to show how they can save or fix the problems.
May have found the problem to my cucumbers.  It isn't pretty.
[Image: Deformed+cucumber.JPG]  [Image: Deformed+Cucumber3.JPG]
Bacterial Wilt is a serious problem for all cucumbers and squash-type plants.  It's spread by insects -- in this case, by the cucumber beetle.  Once Bacterial Wilt takes hold, things happen quickly.  I first noticed wilting of leaves when the plants had plenty of water.  All the leaves on a lateral stem wilted, followed by the entire vine. Some of the cucumbers were deformed and some of the later ones were bitter-tasting.
 [Image: Bacterial+Wilt1.JPG]  [Image: th?id=H.4939269288035354&pid=1.7&w=256&h=188&c=7&rs=1]

Like many plant diseases, there isn't much you can do to help plants that are already infected.  It's best to pull out all sickly vines and destroy them.  I'm not composting, in case stray cucumber beetles are lurking in the foliage that's not quite dead yet.  To prevent the disease, you have to control the cucumber beetle, and that's not easy, particularly for organic gardeners.

The Colorado cucumber beetle is the problem.  It spreads disease.  Mine is the striped kind.  Trying to find out if all is lost and I just need to pull them up and put 'em in the trash.

Have also read it could be poor pollination.  I have a problem believing this is the problem as we have plenty of bees.  In the morning I have to be careful not to get stung as they are all over the garden and most of the open flowers have one or two inside.
(08-08-2013, 05:20 AM)Libellula Wrote: Sorry, forgot to say, nip out the top growing points on tomatoes to stop them putting on more height and leaves, this should also encourage so e new flower shoots.
@Libellula - just pinch off the very tips of all stems?
(08-07-2013, 11:01 PM)Gomez Wrote: Cool !
Be sure to post up with what you discover, I think the aquaponics section in the forum is empty.

Well I am finally ready to get gardening, I bought a 7x16 utility trailer so its basically a flatbed with stake sides.

Now I can set up my Aquaponic setup and its mobile if I need to do that also. 

Got a great deal on the trailer, only 700 bucks. Now all I got to do is fabricate trailer with sides and top, throw in a few raised bed planters, and a 250 gallon Tote. 

I will take pictures as I do the work. 

I'm excited to get going.
Make sure you post those pics Bosco!!!
(08-08-2013, 04:33 PM)Whiteangel Wrote: @Libellula - just pinch off the very tips of all stems?
Mainly the big one at the top.  If you have not been pinching out side shoots since you planted your tomatoes this may be some of your problem, the plants have made too much green growth and don't have energy for fruiting.
I don't do it as drastically as some round here. They take out all the side shoots and you are left with one thick main stem and lots of bunches of tomatoes (hopefully!). This always seems so drastic to me, and I am sure mine crop more that theirs because I let my plants bush out a bit.  See what old gardeners do around you, drastically pruning does also allow more light to get to the fruit to ripen it.

I'll see if I can find some illustrations for you. @Whiteangel
No, I let the beefsteak tomato plant get away from me and there is a lot of growth in there.  I have about two more months left before the first frost - maybe.  I did just go out and prune it out a little.  The two big boys that were planted a little later are just beginning to set fruit mostly on the top of the plants.  I took off all growth on the bottom as an experiment to see how much better it would or wouldn't do.  I have kept all suckers out except for on stem on each plant. 

When I really got into the tomatoes, I noticed a lot of the fruits had flowers around them that didn't form fruit and didn't fall off, rather they just turned brown and died.  Is this blossom end rot?  I thought the flower fell off for that?  I am always seeing pictures of tomatoes growing in clusters.  Mine don't.  I might bet two together and the other flowers just turn brown.
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