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Whiteangel's Tiny Garden - Zone 5/6
[Image: 9f6981501d67de74ed3eeff697b65a34.jpg]
The above is the back side of my tiny garden 12 feet long, 4 feet wide. Not photographed but on the right of the upper level is watermelon and cantaloupe.  Will take a pic in a bit of this, as I am not terribly happy with the cantaloupe.

Below is my zucchini.  The one on the right has been in the ground since May 26th.  One the left only 2 weeks.  There are two yellow squash further to the left and you can see one of them.  They are looking a little too yellow, so I think they are needing more Miracle Grow.
[Image: 1918f973762937c030c73978675d9763.jpg]

Below are my tomatoes.  the one on the lower right is a beef steak and has been in the ground since May 26th.  Behind it is a cherry tomato.  On the left are two big girls, they were planted about 3-4 weeks ago.  Yes to the left of that is peas growing up the poles also.  We haven't gotten any peas and they may have to be pulled as I don't think the tomatoes will like the vining of the peas, though so far I have managed to keep the vines from snagging the tomatoes too much.
[Image: 0bb966837657f35a4d21135d97d92b26.jpg]
[Image: e35f6f967ad550a3518b8bf3e5e80e2d.jpg]
Above is my broccoli that I started from seed.  I soaked the seeds overnight and then planted them on July 5th.  The seedlings were half this size two days later and this size today July 9th.  I have kept them in the house and will keep them in there at night till they are ready to go in the ground and that won't happen until they have outgrown the soda bottle planters I made. 

This is the front side of my tiny garden.  The left side looks soooo empty as it was suppose to have broccoli there, grrr. 
[Image: e5826b74dac854ca9315ac8e9bf8a2b9.jpg]
The first pic is of my potato experiment.  I thought you would be able to see it better but it shows 2 1/2 feet to the top of the bag.  You can see the two different materials, lol.

[Image: a46239d005e61ffd0c3be7a960191480.jpg]

The dirt just a few inches below the top edge of bag, trying to wait for a few leaves to catch up to the taller ones before adding more soil.
[Image: d4d8ae375632263f41281365e55ed498.jpg]
This is the small box in front of the planter.  It has some flowers, cilantro and lettuce.  The chives didn't seem to take off but the seeds were over 20 years old - there are a couple that managed.
In the narrow area behind the square box is green onions, beans, peas to the right in back, and 2 chili plants.  Out of view on the right is a bell pepper plant.

I always end up planting flowers as I hate how empty it looks in the beginning and flowers come in a 6 pack and are usually cheap at $1 per 6.  This year they were a whooping $3.78, which is more than a silly seed package.  I will grow my own from seeds from now on.  The vegetable were also outrageous.  Tomatoes were $5 something, while everything else was $3.98.  Sorry, I just am not going to pay those prices, especially when pincher bugs are out to eat them all!!! 
[Image: afda169cd4454dda31f186aa922836f9.jpg]
Plum tree
[Image: ddbb6fd34974b50c82cab6649eb90683.jpg]

Apricot tree that will be taken down after new trees (yet to be planted) mature and offer privacy.  My bird feeder in front.
[Image: 42f82a849e6d104fefbb4226b2f982b6.jpg]

This is my creepy side of the yard, the plum is to the right and the apricot is the the left out of frame.  We have no idea what that plant is against the fence.  It looks like big strawberry plants and vines all the way to the top of the fence by the time a hard freeze kills it.
[Image: 99685ba9be589d7486922b2e15aa8468.jpg]

Closer view of the gravel and slight slope. Crab grass, weeds, gravel, nasty dirt that is hard as a rock.
[Image: 9140af8a0199f4943c0a08d1ff2ac35b.jpg]
[Image: f1bed4a0d7f1ed3a9c2c03539ba4ec40.jpg]
Leaf damage on the morning glory leaf.  I am assuming this is also earwigs.

Leaf damage the earwigs are doing.  I have seen them eating on the leaves.
[Image: af13a6341072243cb5001e68da72e6c9.jpg]
This is the watermelon in the background with carrots in the foreground.  There had been spinach but it bolted overnight due to hot weather.  There are actually two watermelon plants there, the one on the left was planted at the same time as the cantaloupe and never grew either.
Just to the right you can see the sick cantaloupe that looked just like that when I planted it on May 26th.  I don't' know what is wrong with it. 
[Image: 12c8141bc1e5c8369eb7fd4e3a15ab26.jpg]

More of the carrots showed than I wanted - you can see where the spinach was yanked earlier today.
You can see the puny cantaloupe on the lower left better.  It just won't grow!!! 
[Image: 6c444b5b78f8211e080b145fa689f033.jpg]
Earwigs!  That must be what is eating my sunflower leaves!  I guess I should let them be since eating them seems to be keeping them off of my veggies lol.  For some reason, I just never expected them!

Beautiful items you have there.  Flowers are a nice to touch to a garden!
Here are the peas I was planning to pull this coming weekend as they have never flowered and it is so hot.  Well, they decided to bloom today!!  Don't have a clue what I should do with them at this point, lol.
[Image: f425e759d2266b5ddebeb80ae69bcf0b.jpg]

Here is the bell pepper and the jalapeno on the left.
[Image: ba29e8d1ce74ba7401e98b9ecc9016c0.jpg]
I have a bunch of what I am calling "gnats" on the plants on the patio.  They also seem to be attacking my plants but lemon dish soap seems to run though off.  Danged earwigs have caused me way too much trouble this year.

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