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We're Back Mfkrs!
After a 6 year hiatus and smack in the middle of a possible SHTF scenario amid the Chinese Virus Global Pandemic, GRF is back! For those of you who don't know GRF was once a thriving community back between 2009 - 2014. SHTF virtually and I was forced to close the forum. I decided to bring GRF back online during this international crisis for a few reasons: 1. To give me something to do while sheltering in place. 2. Hope to reconnect with some friends of long ago. 3. Study up on preppin info from old school GRF. 4. Offer a place of comfort and understanding for those who are underprepared, and afraid of what is to come from this pandemic. 5 This is my only legacy if its teotwawki. haha

The old GRF had nearly 100,000 posts. Somehow over the years i managed to keep a backup of the old forum. There are some conflicting issues which prevent me from simply restoring them all instantly. You may encounter errors while posting, or your thread may include old posts. If you experience errors, duplicate content, or old posts in your thread, please pm me. I will be doing my best to restore the old GRF but strongly encourage new members and new posts.

Everyone is welcome here. EVERYONE from old school GRF days and new members alike. Hope to hear from you.

Have fun. Wash your hands. Stay safe.

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