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Kindling 101
Lets discuss some ways to find kindling in the rain or a wet environment!?
Offer an olive branch, be ready with an arrow.
Get into areas of thicker undergrowth and scrounge around, you can usually get clumps of dried pine needles, dry twigs and branches under that are under cover. Pine needles will get a fire going but kill it too so go lightly on those and only use it to get the fire going.

I did up a large batch of pine cones dipped in bees wax and keep petroleum jelly and cotton balls for a fire-starter as well.
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Bark from a Birch, or Cedar tree. Shave it thin.
I keep a large amount of lint in my belly button.... And a piece of cotton in plastic in my wallet...
Cletus,are you tetched in the noggin ,alittle. lol well if we are in shtf. would dollar bills work.
i dont see why not wally, heck, that crap is worthless now lol. in the forests around here, ive always found that trees with holes in em always have scraps of dry stuff, old nesting, leaves, dry rotted wood, etc.. also look under large flat rocks.
Great thread - learned a few things.
But must share, I got a good chuckle when I read the title. I thought it had to do a with a Kindle reader and I was thinking "who would think a kindle would work during SHTF time." DUH!!!!!
Thanks for the great thread! Gosh you would think with all the suvivorman shows I watch. I could come up with something. lol I think I tend to focus on what I can add to the preps. In our bobs we have the regular things. The new addition is that instafire. Can light up write on water etc(havent tried yet). But thinking, not having the preps in a severe situation, I need to learn the tricks. So thanks Hiker for the awesome thread.
I'm getting into this string a little late, but have something to add to the suggestions already given. Collecting dead branches still on trees (love cedar for this); as well as twigs and branches that have fallen on top of other limbs (off the ground) is a good place for tinder and kindling. But sometimes it has been raining/damp long enough that even those are questionable. Shaving or whittling the damp wood off the dry inner core of those branches can get you some usable tinder and kindling. Another option is to split larger pieces of wood (with an axe or good knife) into smaller and smaller pieces until you have the dry wood you need. Once you get the fire hot enough it should work its way through any dampness in the larger wood you add.
Around here (Mid-Atlantic) we have lots of Burch trees. The bark is full of oils that will light and burn even when soaking wet. I also carry chainsaw goo in my pack. It's the goo you have to clean out of your saw. The stuff is motor oil and wood pulp. It will take a flame and burns forever. As a fire extender it will burn long enough to dry kindling.
You might also want to look for "Pitch Pine". in a rotting pine tree the sap collects where the limbs join the trunk. The rotting trees are best because the wood around what you want will rot first making the pitch pine readily accessible and easy to collect. You of course don't want a standing tree, it can break off and hit you in the head. Go for the ones on the ground. Even rotten it will have a strong pine smell. It will burn as it is, but if you scrape it off into a pile of powder you can light it with a spark.

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