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Kindling 101
Down south we use pieces of lightered knots. Above, Inahme called it "pitch pine" I think. Just kick around under some big pines and you'll find knots of pine permeated with turpentine. Split the knot and shave what you need from the inside, then use splinters to get your fire big enough to dry out your firewood and get it to burning. Better yet, if you can split your firewood, it won't matter id the outsides soaking wet. Lightered is good, it's everywhere in piney areas, it takes to flame easy, but it's very smokey and sooty, and has a strong and longlasting smell when you burn it, so it's good to start a fire, but not to cook or anything.
When I lived in Fl. the knots were like Earlt said, but in Va. they're dry as a bone. I wonder why?
Offer an olive branch, be ready with an arrow.

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