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Weapon Recommendation Thread
Hope you dont mind me putting this here.If so I will have it moved.

American civilians are buying as many AK47s
from Russia's top armory as the Russian military and police.

The surge in sales of Russian assault rifles
and shotguns are fuelled by firearms enthusiasts who are paranoid about the
weapons being banned in the United States.

The semiautomatic weapons, fitted with
high-capacity magazines, are manufactured

Read more:

Must read good story,I agree with basco AK-47 one of my weapons of choice and have one .Every family should have one.
I would definitely recommend that everyone have an AK, or SKS in their arsenal. You may need to hand out a weapon and the SKS is reliable, and easy enough for a novice to be effective with. The AK and the SKS are excellent choices simply because of their rugged construction, and reliability under any conditions.
And ammo will always be available due to the shear number of these things that are floating around.

My choice is an FN Sporter. The only problem with it is the low number that were built, and the sky high prices they go for now. $1500 plus.
With a gas tube like an AK, and a large receiver area. It has proven to be as rugged as an AK. I have hauled this old girl around since 1993 with only three malfunctions. Two due to a magazine problem, and one from defective ammunition (Squib load).

weight -- 8 1/2 lbs
Mag Cap. - 30rd, 40rd, 100rd drum (standard AR Mags)
bbl lgth. - 18 1/2 in.
bbl twist -8:1
I agree with you on SKS,I had up untill last year a chineese SKS with stainless steel bolt and Reciever, changed it over to a tapco system, olive drab.I never had problems with it.Now, I have friends that would say different,but they love there AR-15 and AK's.
If I had to give up every gun and just keep one, I would choose my 12GA shotgun. There are so many variations in ammunition and modifications. You can kill birds and other small game, deer and other big game including humans and zombies and destroy matter in general, even an engine block. I got my Winchester for $300 at Gander Mountain. As for the cost of ammo for any gun excluding a 22 caliber (which would be my second choice) you are going to be lucky to walk away with 1500 rounds for 500 bucks. Last year I bought ammo for my 45 and it cost me 75 dollars for 100 rnds. Maybe you can find some deals online or something. Here is a shotgun thread: Click Here

Hope this helps a little.
Offer an olive branch, be ready with an arrow.
Whiteangel, if I could only have one it would definitely be a long gun, shotty or rifle. More versatile, in my opinion. And Hiker may be right. A 12 gauge pump might very well be my first choice, especially in a suburban ao. You can get them in 18 inch or 21 inch barrels for close quarter use. For $500 you might find a good used one with a combat barrel and an extra longer barrel for hunting. You can also get low recoil ammo if the kick bothers you.
If it is for hunting and protection a shotgun will be the best choice, no scope needed.
Also you might look around pawn shops for a .22, some of the older models like my old Win. 290 go for under a hundred.

I keep two types of ammo for my shotgun 00B, and #4, will hunt and provide home defense.
So you both would get the long gun over the hand gun because of the hunting ability, correct?
Is a shot gun going to be the best weapon to hold off a group of invaders?
(08-18-2012, 08:13 PM)Whiteangel Wrote: Is a shot gun going to be the best weapon to hold off a group of invaders?
Since we cant really own grenades or fully automatic weapons (well, with a permit I suppose but its expensive and ridiculous) a combat shotgun with at least 6 round capacity is definitely a good choice for a group at close range (within 25 feet). It is essentially a directional grenade when using shot. Though the mini-14, 223 cal or comparable assault rifle, with a few 40 rnd clips is pretty much the ultimate weapon for self defense against a group. Plus you get the long range hunting ability. JMO
Offer an olive branch, be ready with an arrow.
Hunting versatility and ease of mastery for people who don't sound like "gun people". Besides the extended capacity magazines available, most pumps can be reloaded one shell at a time as lulls in the action permit. The zombie knows exactly what the sound of a racked shotgun is and doesn't like it.

My Ithaca 24 is the favorite with my novice relatives.

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